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The Art of Pie Throwing: How to Take Thanksgiving Pie to Another Level

Lots of real estate agents and local companies take this time of year to offer free Thanksgiving pies to a few of their lucky clients. While free pie is great, we’d like to give an even better gift to our clients: the gift of comedy.

If you get in an argument over politics or up in arms over your football team rivalries, nothing spices things up quite like a pie to the face (with permission, of course)! Here’s our take on a Thanksgiving pie giveaway—AKA how to give a pie away to another person’s face.

Picking the Thanksgiving Pie

A lemon Thanksgiving pie covered in whipped cream.

More often than not, the pie you’ll be throwing in someone’s face will not be an actual pie, unless you’re okay with putting hours of hard work into a dessert that you won’t actually eat. Of course, if the person on the receiving end of the pie would like a nice snack, it’s only polite to accommodate! If so, then I recommend going with a cream-based pie, like a coconut custard or chocolate mousse, for a better spread. Fruit-filled pies, like cherry or blueberry, certainly have great potential for drippage, but are a little more intense—both in actual baking and required throwing skill.

For most folks, the pie in question will be composed of either shaving cream or whip cream, with a graham cracker crust that sticks to the cream filling. This keeps the pie light, inexpensive, and easier to clean up.

The Throwing Technique

A fruit-filled, whipped cream Thanksgiving pie.

Actually throwing a pie can be tough—most professionals recommend keeping your hand on the pie tin at all times instead of launching it away. You want to make sure that the recipient knows about the pieing beforehand (the last thing you want for Thanksgiving is a lawsuit), and that you “throw” the pie in such a way that avoids injury.

From there, you can kind of freestyle it, whether you choose to twist the pie around a little, let it slowly fall to the ground, or slide it around to cover as much surface as possible. Read the room, and think about what technique your Thanksgiving guests would most appreciate.

The Receiving Technique

A fruit filled pie.

Some say it takes more skill to take a pie to the face than it does to be the thrower, so in many ways, the receiver is the real hero of this untraditional pie giveaway.

Before taking a pie to the face, you should make sure you’re wearing clothing that you’re not too attached to. Before impact, take a deep breath and close your eyes, then quickly blow air outward to clear out your nose and mouth. From there, it’s all about your delivery. Really ham it up, wiping gunk from your eyes and flicking pie remnants at the thrower. You’ll be the talk of Thanksgiving for years to come!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Triangle Specialists Team

While we don’t have a traditional Thanksgiving pie giveaway for you to enter, maybe these alternative tips will come in handy at your holiday get-together. From our team to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Planning to kick off a buying or selling journey after the big holiday? We can help! From specialized search tools to home evaluations, our resources can help you get prepared! Give us a call when you’re ready to get started.

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