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Shedding Some Light on CDH: The Cause Behind the Masquerading Angels Ball

If you’ve been keeping up with our posts over the past few days, then you’ve probably heard a little bit about the upcoming Masquerading Angels Ball. Poker, music, food, drinks—it’s going to be a night to remember!

But we wanted to take a minute to highlight the cause behind the event: CDH awareness. Although CDH occurs with the same frequency as cystic fibrosis or spina bifida, the condition doesn’t get nearly as much exposure. We’ve been working with the folks at CDH International for a few years now, so shedding some light on CDH is near and dear to our hearts.

Here’s everything you should know about CDH, and how you can help CDHi raise money and awareness for the cause.

What is CDH?

A doctor holding a stethoscope.

CDH—or congenital diaphragmatic hernia—occurs in babies when their diaphragm muscle between the chest and abdomen doesn’t fully form. This causes other internal organs, like the liver, stomach, and intestines, to fill the chest cavity and hinder lung growth. It affects around 1,600 babies every year in the United States alone.

Since the condition affects the way organs grow and shift, each case looks a little different. The long-term survival rate for babies diagnosed is around 50%, but the severity can be hard to predict. Here are a few fast facts about CDH:

  • 1 in 2500 babies is diagnosed with CDH
  • Every 10 minutes, a baby is born with CDH
  • 147 babies will be born with CDH every day
  • Many adult survivors have gone on to have healthy babies and pregnancies
  • The cause of CDH is still unknown

The Mission of CDHi

A woman holding a baby.

CDHi was started way back in 1995 by Dawn Torrence Ireland. Two years prior, Dawn gave birth to a son with CDH and found it nearly impossible to find information and support about the condition. So, with the help of one other CDH mom, Rhonda Montague, Dawn started the charity CHERUBS at her kitchen table, writing letters to hospitals and organizations around the world to raise awareness.

Once the internet came along, Dawn and Rhonda were able create websites and connect with CDH families from all around the world, and the charity blew up from there. Now, they work with 6500 patients in 70 countries and are working on gaining non-profit status.

CDH has about 5 million dollars in funding for research, while many other conditions have billions—it’s CDHi’s mission to change that on a global scale.

How You Can Get Involved

A person holding change.

Whether you’ve been aware of CDH for years or are just now hearing about it and wondering what you can do, CDH International offers plenty of chances to support the cause and raise awareness. Here are just a few ways you can get involved:

The Masquerading Angels Ball

A masquerade ball.

Looking to get involved as soon as possible? Then you’re in luck—the Masquerading Angels Ball is right around the corner! This Saturday, October 12th, we’ll be taking over City Club Raleigh for a night of poker, music, food, and fun.

The best part? All proceeds from this event will go towards helping children who have been diagnosed with CDH and their families.

You still have time to grab tickets, and you’re not going to want to miss out on seeing one of the best bands in the Triangle performing live.

Any Questions?

If there’s anything you’d like to know about CDH, CDHi, or the upcoming Masquerading Angels Ball, just let our team know. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the event and the cause.

And don’t forget to buy your tickets!

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