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SHOCKING Real Estate Stories You Won’t Believe!

Welcome to Real Estate Confidential…ok, not really, but we’ve got some anonymous home buying and selling stories that made our jaws drop. Some people have a lot of misconceptions about the real estate process, but these tales are proof that not everything goes like you expect!

You never know what might happen when you buy or sell your home…keep reading to find out all the juicy details!

“They offered me $1!”

Piggy bank with pennies.

Tyler Tate was selling his first home, and things didn’t exactly go to plan. “I did everything right.” Tyler says. “I staged my home and made sure all of my repairs were done.”

But suddenly, disaster struck.

“I started showing my home and got an offer on the first day—I was thrilled! Then my agent gave me the bad news—it was for $1. No, I’m not kidding.”

Tyler’s agent stepped in and made sure that it didn’t happen again, and we promise this story has a happy ending!

“My real estate agent—man, he was perfect. He told me not to be insulted or discouraged, and sure enough, I got a full price offer a week later.” says Tyler. “Some people will do crazy things for attention, and even though it was ridiculous at the time, the selling process ended up being so much easier with my agent on my side.”

“I almost bought a haunted house.”

A haunted house is part of one of our shocking real estate stories!

James Darby and his wife were looking to downsize and were looking at homes in a nearby neighborhood. While the home-buying process may seem scary, sometimes the homes themselves can be even worse!

“There was one home—it had to be at least 100 years old. The photos looked gorgeous, and we weren’t afraid of a few DIY projects.” James says. “My agent, my wife, and I went to go see it, and I could tell something was off right when we walked in.”

Sure, the floors creaked and it had some…”rustic charm,” but it was more shocking than you would think.

“When we were checking out the kitchen, I felt a hand on my shoulder.” James says. “The second I turned around, all the cabinets were open and I heard footsteps…nobody in the room was moving! That’s when we literally ran out of there—it was scary at the time, but I’m much happier in the new construction home our agent found for us! Moving was easy—I’m just relieved I didn’t buy a haunted house.”

“They wanted all of the appliances…and my dog.”

Dog in box.

Jana Hargett was finally ready to sell her home, and she thought she had found the perfect buyer. After listing with a real estate agent, she waited for an offer and got one at full asking after two weeks of showings.

“The showing took them quite a while, and after my agent told me they were putting in an offer, we were both elated!” Jana says. “Most of the stuff they wanted was pretty standard, and I wasn’t planning on bringing my fridge and washer/dryer anyway. And then they said they wanted my dog…”

Yes, you’re reading that right. Turns out Jana’s pug was quite the showstopper during the viewing—so much so, they wanted to see if he was for sale! Who could resist such a cute face?

“Obviously I said no.” Jana laughs. “My agent stood up for me and made sure these people were serious—and that I wasn’t parting with my dog. Despite the bumps, we got my home sold and I couldn’t be happier!”

Don’t be put off by these shocking real estate stories — the right agent is here to help!

Person who read these shocking real estate stories and picked the right agent!

Whether you’re buying or selling your home, you’ll want the right agent to be there if things go sour. No matter what you’re dealing with, the Triangle Specialists have your back—even if your house is haunted!

Real estate isn’t cookie cutter, and we aren’t, either—trust the Triangle Specialists Team to help you start your real estate journey. We’ve got the resources you need if you’re buying or selling your Triangle area home. Have more questions? Give us a call so we can talk—we’d love to help!

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